Watch out for our next spectacular event, hosted at the Full Moon on the 27th November and the 11th of December - its the Fabulous Festive Markets!

Friday, 17 June 2011

All set up and ready to go!

The bunting is up,
The music is swinging 
And we're all coming down to The Greenbank!

For it is time for another Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk Market!



 We've got felty goodness from Innerspiral, hand spun and hand dyed yarn aplenty. Displayed on an array of twisted branches and homely coffee tables. The epitome of cosy, felted chic!

Moon and Magi

From Moon and Magic we take a trip into a fantasy world of victorian steampunk jewellery, fiersome Monster Hoods and even a little fairy corner!

Miss Tinker Taylor

And what a better way to get into the spirit of Fabulous than with these marvellous fascinators brought to you by Miss Tinker Taylor.

Nicky Grayburn

Enjoy the intricate compositions of Nicky Grayburn's fantastic photography. Explore cityscapes and focus in on the folds of a dancers skirt.

Jo Buttons

Welcome to Jo Button's boreal forest, enchanting sculptures and beautiful sketches lead you on a journey through an illuminated world. 


Boodle bring you quirky animals in suits presented in stark prints. This collection of furry characters have oodles of personality and charm.


Lizards and fairies and all manner of joy printed on cosy t-shirts of all colours and sizes. Tracy's designs are cute (especially the baby grows) and original.

So come on down to the Greenbank this weekend for a fun filled, spectacular extravaganza!!!

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