Watch out for our next spectacular event, hosted at the Full Moon on the 27th November and the 11th of December - its the Fabulous Festive Markets!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Romina Berenice Canet

The Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk are pleased to introduce Romina Berenice Canet, an Argentinian artist based in Bristol. She has a background in fine arts, music drama and trapeze and has published a book of poems and lithographs called "Resabio de las Fiestas". Romina has used her artistic ability for teaching, coordinating events and artistic restoration.

Romina will be hitting the Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk with a fantastic array of prints and paintings, influenced by her love for poetry, travel and the circus. 

Alongside her fascinating artwork Romina will be displaying a collection of fun, unique handmade jewellery. Inspired by the colourful fun of the circus with a fairytale twist and completely unique. Another original creation are Romina's whimsical art dolls, which will most certainly capture your attention. 

Come and meet Romina and her fun, cheeky friends at the Greenbank Pub on the 14th May, in the meantime check out more of Romina's unique creations on  Flickr or contact her by email for more information 

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ros King Textile Artist

The Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk will be welcoming Ros King's fantastic 3D art to our unique event on the 14th May

Based in Bristol, Ros applies an eclectic approach to her work, combining discovered objects, fabric and stitch to create unique 3D art pieces.

Each piece is bursting with originality and personality, a wonderful collection of 'memories'. All pieced together with thoughtful composition and a vintage elegance.


Ros creates individually tailored art pieces, based on a theme of your choice, perhaps a special person or place. Based on your own images, fabric, old buttons and keep sakes Ros will put them together to create a beautiful 3D art piece. Please contact Ros for details of her commission service via her email address.


Alongside her outstanding art pieces Ros will also be displaying a collection of cards and photographs, handmade buttons and vintage inspired accessories.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Exciting Times at the Bag Folk camp

It's a marvellous occasion indeed when you collect a box filled with 3,000 of the most gorgeous flyers for a really exciting new event, huh! Hot off the press and ready to go! Look out for them in Don't Panic packs across Bristol over the next few weekends. We think they look beautiful and really eye catching, a little bit of magic in a flyer...

Just over two weeks to go 'til our first event. It's all gearing up. The performers are dusting off their acts (and their decks) and the stallholders are all preparing some extra special beauties for your delectation and shopping delight. Don't forget to prime your outfits, your mini top hats and your glitter - we're putting on a fabulous show and you the audience are a part of it too! But don't worry if you have no glamour for the occasion, after all, that's what we're here for darlings, you'll be dazzled by our marvellous array of splendid outfits and costume, I promise you, you won't know where to turn!

Keep checking back over the next few weeks for more tempting profiles of our fabulous stallholders and our wonderful performers, and some tasty titbits of insider info plus tips on how to win fantastic prizes in our seriously fun competitions that we'll be running on the day.

You can follow us on twitter @fabulousbagfolk and find our event page on Facebook (at the bottom of this post) for more info and updates.

Watch this space for news on upcoming events including the Easton Arts Trail weekend at The Greenbank, plus some exciting new venues we'll be travelling to soon in all our finery!

Have a lovely few weeks my gert lush Bristolians - we look forward to seeing your marvellous faces on the day!

Keep smiling :) it makes the world a happier place


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Greenbank Pub

On the 14th May the Greenbank pub are opening their doors to over 20 traders from the Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk. We are extemely lucky to have been given this fantastic opportunity and many thanks should go out to the Greenbank Pub for supporting the Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk before we have even begun!

With such a bright airy atmosphere, the Greenbank is a perfect venue for the open, lively day we have envisioned. The Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk will have stalls spread across two floors, wandering performers throughout the day with a banging party featuring Duvet Vous for pudding.

The landlord Tony is very enthusiastic about the event and is collaborating with us to bring The FTBF to the Easton Arts Trail weekend in even grander style!

Situated in the heart of Easton, Bristol, the Greenbank offers cask ales, local cider and a range of imported draughts. Check out their website for more details.

Sally Holt Illustration

Sally is an illustrator and scenic artist based in Bristol, following graduating from her degree at UWE.

Her sketches have been entered onto various awards, such as the Macmillan Awards 2009 and Bristol Short Story Prize and Sally has produced many book illustrations, including ‘Fleeced’, and ‘Freddie and the Fairy’.
Producing engaging art-work for both children and adults alike, Sally’s style exudes a warmth and humour which translates on to her gifts cards and prints for sale. 

As well as her original artwork, Sally also creates toys, again, delighting both adults and children; including Smudge, a one of a kind, stuffed toy with stripy sock legs weighted at the ends, and around 25 cm tall.

Come and visit Sally at her stall on 14th May, where she will be happy to chat to you about her illustrations. Sally undertakes commissions also.

For more info on Sally check out her blog http://sallyholtillustration.blogspot.com/

and her etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/sallyholt

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Starpixie creations produce stunning handmade jewellery using copper and silver wire, inspired by nature and the surrounding world. Working from her Bristol living room Starpixie experiment with various colours and textures to create unique pieces.

Though each piece is individual duplicates can be made, and Starpixie welcome any commission ideas. Wire work can be done using steling silver on request.

Starpixie are joining the Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk at the Greenbank pub on the 14th May for some fun shinanigans and circussy mayhem, come along and explore a stunning array of delicate wire work. Until then you can find out more about Starpixie by visiting their website, where you can purchase some uinque jewellery and read all about her inspiration. Alternatively follow her on facebook or twitter.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Gemstones & glass jewellery by Minerva

Minerva Jewellery is a range of handcrafted jewellery by independent British Designer Jeweller, Lucinda Marchant. Her ranges feature classic, contemporary and alternative styled jewellery designs in silver and gold together with gemstones and glass.

Minerva aims to produce jewellery for all budgets and requirements, from simple items of jewellery for everyday wear to extra-special pieces for a perfect gift or important occasion.

In addition to producing collections of jewellery, Lucinda also undertakes bespoke work, creating unique pieces for individual clients, such as jewellery to commemorate special occasions, bespoke engagement rings and co-ordinating bridal jewellery.

If you’re looking for a unique piece of handcrafted jewellery then Lucinda will be pleased to help you on the 14th May at the Greenbank Market and will be available to discuss any type of bespoke jewellery ideas you may have.
In the mean time follow Minerva on facebook where you can find some brilliant offers and outstanding deals exclusive to facebook fans. Or you can purchase some of this fantastic jewellery online at art fire, folksy or etsy

Monday, 18 April 2011

Emma Frances Design


Emma Frances is the heart of exclusive handmade home-wares. Her creations range from fabulous vintage inspired aprons, doorstops and pegbags to cute, original hairbands and accessories. 

All of her designs are unique and made with care from her small, Bristol based studio. With an obvious love for pattern's every item is created using specially selected fabric that has a distinct vintage appeal. 

The Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk welcome Emma Frances Design and invite the Bristol community to peruse some wonderful gift ideas and personal treasures, with the assurance that they cannot be found anywhere else on the market!

In the meantime you can follow Emma on facebook, check out her website or peruse her wares on etsy and

Friday, 15 April 2011

Reworked Stuff

Gifts and home-wares made by hand in Bristol, from reused, recycled, rescued stuff that’s been reworked, renewed and reborn for a new lease of life! 

With an ethos of ‘make do and mend’ and ‘waste not want not,’ you can enjoy unique hand-crafted items that are individual because they are handmade; with the sense of well being, knowing it didn’t reach landfill where it was destined for.

Creator Annah says "If we can rework it, we’ll give it a go!"

Items for sale include warped vinyl bowls, vintage inspired cake-stands and wallclocks from pre-loved, scratched records; record cover coasters and wall art; retro and vintage inspired cushions, including a range from 1960s original M&S material; solid oak kitchen doors have produced tongue-in-cheek ‘Pigs Might Fly’ mobiles and decorative seagull mobiles. Rusty horseshoes gleam as kitchen trivets and fire pot stands; slouch and tote bags made from all sorts of reclaimed material and colourful button ‘statement’ necklaces!

Reworked Stuff will be hitting the Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk with their amazing collection of sustainable products, come along and explore their original stall and meet the inventors themselves. In the meantime join them on facebook and show your support!

Moon & Magic

Moon & Magic bring you two sets of very distinctive handcrafted items – Monster Hoods & Steampunk Jewellery which will be available to buy at the Greenbank Pub on 14th May.

Come and be awe struck by these hand-made ‘monster hoods’ and you can be any kind of monster you want to be! All of the hoods are individually hand-sewn from recycled materials for a totally unique monster. Complete with awesome lining and self-standing straps these hoods look as funky worn up or down.

These original hoods cannot be found in the high street shops but will be unleashed at the Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk's market exclusively!

Luna, their creator, says: ‘they acquire names and personalities as they are created and come to life.’

Moon and Magic will be hosting another stall featuring unique steampunk jewellery. Inspired by the vintage steam-powered clockwork industry these individually crafted items range from delicate filigree earrings to bold statement pieces. Every piece is crafted from reclaimed metal scraps scavanged from bargain bins and old jewellery collections, from broken watches to vintage lace!

The Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk look forward to seeing Moon and Magic's stall on the day, until then check out the website, join them on facebook, and twitter or get to know them a bit better by looking at their blog.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Innerspiral are the grand architects of the fabulous travelling bag folk, the Woolly Pig (Paul) and the Felt Cat (Zara) have somehow managed to orchestrate this spectacular event in between creating some fantastic, unique handmade treasures. The amount of dedication and time they have put into motivating us traders has been staggering, and their enthusiasm about everyone's work is really wonderful. Without these two fun loving crafter's The Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk would never have been born. Their journey towards a self-sufficient creative living is an inspiration to to us all.

When they are not emailing, meeting and delegating tasks among the FTBF Woolly Pig and Felt Cat produce (among other things) the most amazing techni-coloured yarn, hand-spun using traditional methods to bring you a massive variety of thicknesses, textures and dyed all the colours of your imagination. Perfect for crochet or knitting.

Using the yarn they spin themselves Innerspiral design a range of unique and totally snuggly 'Pixie art wear' from hats and bags to these wonderfully original cowls! 

 And then there is the felting...

Bundles of pixie-love and energy have gone into creating a wonderful array of felted jewellery, with an eye for colour and texture Innerspiral's one of a kind fascinators, rings and bracelets are a sure way to unleash your inner-fairie and add a touch of magic to any occasion.

Innerspiral will be hitting the Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk's SECOND market with this magnificent array of handcrafted goodies....

In the meantime you can take a look at Innerspiral's etsy shop, follow their Blog, join them on Facebook and Twitter and get to know the real Cat and Pig who have lovingly coaxed their fellow artisans and crafter's into action to create a fabulous, unforgettable event for the community of Bristol!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk presents...

A fun-filled, action packed day of adventure and mayhem! We have brought together a number of artisans who live and work in the Bristol area, bringing to you a vintage handmade market with a wide variety of goodies. There are some truly awesome traders making an appearance who we will introduce to you over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out. 

Aside from the wonderful array of handmade textiles, accessories and artwork we will have wandering musicians and DJ's providing some circussy beats, clowns and theatrical performers will also be doing the circuit, facepainting and prizes for the best bearded-lady and most marvellous hat. There will be a giant wall for our guests to grafitti on and in the evening we will be throwing our glad-rags on and dancing through the night! 

So come along in your best fancy-dress and support your community artisans, this is just the first in a long line of fabulous events brought to you by the FTBF! 

Come and join our  Facebook event