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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Jo Buttons Creations

The Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk are excited to present Jo Buttons Creations, an aspiring artist who produces some stunning pieces.

Jo takes her inspiration from the visual essence and arbitrary patterns that can be found throughout the natural world. Artist Jo Button's says her art is influenced by "Hundertwasser and Tord Boontje for their unique adaptations of our mother nature. They both convey a necessity to incorporate the natural world in our everyday lives for ecological and aesthetical affects."

From her Bristol based studio, Jo Buttons creates spectacular pieces that span a huge range of mediums from pen and ink drawings and paintings to wire work and sculptures! She has had some extremely successful exhibitions opportunities including a display of large scale sculptures at last year's Glastonbury! With more coming up in the future at the Grain Barge from the 31st May.

It is a real pleasure to have Jo Button's Creations hosting a stall at the Greenbank, come along on the 14th May to get an eye-full of this intricate artwork!

For more information about Jo's fantastic array of artwork please visit her facebook page or contact her via email

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