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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sticky Neon

It is a great pleasure to have Sticky Neon on board with the Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk!

Sticky Neon is a small business run by two sisters, who love to recreate and reinvigorate old clothes, leaving nothing to waste! All their creations have a distinct festival appeal, with bold, outlandish colours and cool pixie pointy hoods!

Among the patchwork skirts and groovy waistcoats Sticky Neon sell just about anything from hareem pants to hoodies and hats made from the finest upcycled materials. Everything is unique and created with a personal touch by these fabulous sisters.

Sticky Neon also produce a range of jewellery and accessories including crochet hats, head wraps and much much more.

We look forward to meeting the girls and their creations at the Greebank Pub on the 14th May where they will join many other traders, performers and artists to make something spectacular!
In the meantime check out Sticky Neon's website or follow them on facebook.

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